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Simple Things You Can Do From Home to Keep Oceans Clean

Each year, millions of travelers plan trips to beaches around the world for relaxation, fun, fishing, and more – and we don’t blame them! Our love of the beach and ocean is what inspired us to ditch our daily cubicle jobs and follow our dreams on the sandy path of success. However, our beaches are facing a pollution crisis, and because of plastic, household chemicals, carbon emissions, and more, our marine life are living in dangerous environments. We love that you love our oceans, but that isn’t enough to protect them and keep them clean. You may not litter, and you may even volunteer your time to help clean up while on a beach vacation. Those are two incredible ways...

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3 Ways Beach Lovers Can Support Marine Conservation

Many people only see beaches and oceans as places for fun and fishing. However, healthy marine and coastal ecosystems are vital for the environment as well as for promoting good physical and mental health in humans. If the oceans aren't healthy, we aren't healthy. As an apparel brand for people who love the beach, Seasalt & Co. is as devoted to marine conservation as we are to delivering custom coastal designs. We believe that if every individual does a little, our combined efforts can go a long way toward preserving the sandy beaches, turtles, and palm trees that we all love. Here are three ways that beach lovers can support marine conservation. Avoid Buying or Using Products that Hurt Coastal...

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3 Ways the Ocean Can Boost Brain Power

Did you know over 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by the ocean? Enjoying some fun in the sun at the beach is something most people do during the summer months. Packing up your beach bag, grabbing a bottle of suntan lotion and soaking in the sights and sounds of the beach can be just what the doctor ordered if you are dealing with lots of stress. Some people fail to realize just how beneficial time around the ocean can be. The following are some of the ways the ocean can boost your brainpower. 1. The Ocean Helps to Relax Your Brain The modern human is bombarded with information from the time they wake up until they lay...

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